Hare Spat

Hare Spat

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After spending 2 years in the Danish special military unit in Greenland - the Sirius Dogsled Patrol, I  wanted to come back to the Arctic to photograph. The nomadic life with the dogsled had been and amazing experience but now I really wanted to focus on one singe area rather than constantly being on the move. Getting access to the national park for a longer period of time was expensive though but suddenly a small weather station were offering a job as a chef… I didn’t know how to cook, and I really didn’t know how I ended up getting that job…

Frame and passepartout are not included!

Award Edition:
Runner Up
Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Daily Mail wrote:
Morten braved temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius in an isolated Greenland weather station for three months to capture his breathtaking picture.
He said: ‘I had been observing fighting Arctic hares for several weeks so I knew where to find them and positioned myself where they would be backlit by the sunset.
‘All animals in the Arctic have to fight for their survival because of these extreme weather conditions and the limited amount of food.’
The nearly 100 winning and commended images will be put on show at the Natural History Museum in London from 23 October till 11 April.

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