Arctic Hare

Arctic Hare

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Suddenly a movement in the snow draw my attention and as I stared into the wall of snow, forcing my eyes to focus, I then saw what it was. An arctic hare, sitting there almost covered in white.
What a master of camouflage and what a beauty.
I stayed the rest of the day, observing its behaviour and enjoying the silence of the Arctic winter.

Frame and passepartout are not included!

Award Edition:
Highly commended
European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The clouds came drifting in from the frozen ocean and within an hour the beautiful landscape in Northeast Greenland turned into a complete whiteout. Everything was completely silent since the with was calm. Large, soft snowflakes felt down from the skies and the many rocks and stones got hidden so that navigating was almost impossible.

As I walked through the deep snow I often got tricked by this whiteness and it was hard to judge distances. What I thought was a cliff far away turned out to be a smaller rock only 20 meters form me. I think everyone who has experienced whiteout knows this feeling very well.

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