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2022 Calendar

My 2022 calendar presents some of my favourite photos from the past year and a few photographs from before.

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Photographs from my backyard, my two years in the dogsled patrol and from my expeditions to the far North.

Silence of the North


A selection of my favourite photographs, printet on the highest quality fine art paper, signed and sent to you.

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Silence of the north

My book has sold out and is now getting ready to reach the shop agin in its second edition.

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fine art prints

An early, quiet morning in the woodlands of Scandinavia watching the badger. An Arctic blizzard turning the landscape into an inferno of blowing snow, the Arctic fox barely visible. These unforgettable moments in nature, captured with my camera, printed in my book, in next year’s calendar, or on a matte sheet of cotton paper, signed and sent to passionate souls where they can be appreciated.

2022 Calendar

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